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Is Your Workforce Prepared to Compete in the 21st Century? Maximize Your Workforce Potential with a Missouri Registered Apprenticeship!

Benefits of Training Apprentices.
Your company/business /organization needs to be ready to compete in the 21st Century. By training apprentices you will gain employees who will make a contribution to your bottom line. Apprenticeship training is a key investment in your company’s future. Following are some of the key benefits of training apprentices:

Apprenticeship equals trained employees.
By combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction, apprenticeship provides an employer with fully-trained employees. It creates better skilled workers for your company by providing skill training and job-related theory to meet your company’s needs. Participating in an apprenticeship program ensures that you will have employees that are trained to industry standards, as well as to your company’s.

Apprenticeship means fewer turnovers.
Invest in your employees and they will invest in you. When you commit to training your workforce, you will see employee motivation increase, improvements in overall work ethics and increased employee loyalty. Training apprentices in your business creates skilled and experienced employees, many of whom will stay with you for the long term.

Apprenticeship saves you money.
Although you pay for apprenticeship training, the actual cost to you is minimal. The program includes both classroom and on-the-job training, so apprentices will be producing for you while they learn. The result is employees ready to contribute to your bottom line. Also, if your business is in a field requiring licensing, when your employees finish the program, they are prepared for the exam.

Apprenticeship improves productivity.
The completion of an apprenticeship program results in highly trained professionals who contribute noticeably to your bottom line and ensures a high level of quality production. Their knowledge, skills, and on the job experience enables them to develop a thorough understanding of your business needs and how best to meet them.

Apprenticeship helps you provide career opportunities.
The apprenticeship program is the best way to train qualified individuals by providing career opportunities and trained people in your industry. This means you will have trained employees when you need them. It will also raise the overall status of your industry.

Apprenticeship helps you plan for the future.
According to recent studies by the year 2012, Missouri will be experiencing a “significant labor shortage." As the number of people turning sixty-five, fueled by the aging of the “Baby Boomer” generation surpasses the number of people turning eighteen due to low birth rates and slowing migration patterns. Consequently, the number of workers entering the labor force will not be sufficient to replace those ending their working careers. Implementing an apprenticeship program in your business will assist you to be better able to plan and met your future workforce needs, ensuring that you have a pool of experienced employees of different ages within your company.

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